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Neighborhood Engagement for A More Affordable Houston is a study that looks at how best to communicate and engage with Houstonians about affordable home developments. It was commissioned by the City of Houston with funding from the Texas General Land Office and conducted by Outreach Strategists.

The study gives recommendations to advocates, community organizations, and developers who wish to conduct more effective neighborhood engagement about new affordable home developments.

Why This Study?

HCD commissioned this study in order to counteract a number of factors inhibiting the development of affordable homes in Houston despite an ever-increasing need:

  1. NIMBY attitudes and efforts that block affordable home developments
  2. Ineffective communication between developers and community members
  3. A lack of trust of local government

What Is In The Study

  • Literature review of relevant research findings
  • Partner interviews on the local housing landscape
  • Focus groups with Houstonians on topics around affordable homes
  • Media Guide with example collateral

Neighborhood Engagement for Affordable Home Developers

Our Neighborhood Engagement for a More Affordable Houston is a workshop designed specifically for developers of affordable homes on effective neighborhood engagement. Developers seeking resolutions of support are highly encouraged to attend this workshop.

The workshop is informed by our new study Neighborhood Engagement for a More Affordable Houston , and takes into account the recommendations of national experts in community engagement, local housing experts, and community members. Regardless of how experienced you are in engaging the community on development properties, you will come away from this workshop with practical knowledge and information relevant to your work.

Workshop 1 Effective Engagement Plans for Developers of Affordable Homes
Effective Engagement Plans for Developers of Affordable Homes

September 22, 2022
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act protects individuals and families from discrimination in the sale, rental, financing or advertising of housing based on their race, color, religion, family status, national origin, sex, or disability. HCD is committed to promoting fair housing and providing quality affordable homes in all neighborhoods. To learn more, please visit our Fair Housing page. For specific questions or concerns about fair housing or landlord/tenant relations, please contact Yolanda Guess-Jeffries at (832) 394-6200 Extension 5.