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2015 Flood Events Disaster Recovery

During Memorial Day weekend and Halloween weekend, 2015, Houston experienced severe flooding from storms that impacted multiple Texas counties. On May 29, 2015 and on November 25, 2015, President Barack Obama declared a major disaster existed in those counties. These disasters, referenced by FEMA as the Texas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds and Flooding (DR-4223 and DR-4245), paved the way for federal assistance to the impacted areas.

HUD announced the award of $87 million to the City of Houston to address unmet housing, infrastructure and business needs in the areas recovering from the 2015 floods. HUD provides flexible grants to help cities, counties and states recover from presidentially declared disasters, especially in low-income areas, subject to availability of supplemental appropriations.

HOME REPAIR PROGRAM – Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events
This program will provide home repair assistance to homes impacted by the 2015 flood events where the household income is no more than 80% of the Area Median Family Income. The focus will be on age-dependent and disabled households. “Age-dependent” households are those with residents age 65 and older or age 5 and under. The program is limited to single-family homes and the home must be the owner’s primary residence.

The maximum cost of repairs (Rehabilitation) cannot exceed $65,000 per house, including approved change orders and any other applicable costs. Homes requiring repairs that (i) exceed $65,000 or (ii) exceed 50% of the value of the structure immediately before the damage occurred (as such value is determined in accordance with applicable regulations) are deemed not suitable for rehabilitation and may qualify for Reconstruction assistance. Homes that qualify for Reconstruction will be demolished and reconstructed on the same site.

If you are a homeowner and your home was damaged during the 2015 flood events, you may be eligible for home repair assistance. For more information, visit: www.houstontx.gov/housing/home_repair_programs.html or contact the Housing and Community Development Department Call Center at 832.394.6200.

2015 Flood Recovery Action Plans and Related Documents

2015 Flood Recovery Citizen Participation Opportunities

To ask a question, submit a comment, or request a translation of a document, please contact 832.394.6200 or 2015FloodEvents@houstontx.gov.

Para hacer una pregunta, enviar un comentario, o solicitar una traducción de un documento, por favor póngase en contacto al 832.394.6200 o al correo electrónico 2015FloodEvents@houstontx.gov.

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要问一个问题 提交意见 或要求文件的翻译 请联系832.394.6200或 2015FloodEvents@houstontx.gov


 Contracts / Agreements

Public Notices

  • Public Notice: Boardwalk Aprartment Purchase -- posted 7-3-19
  • Public Notice: Draft Action Plan for DR15 Substantial Amendment #3(English; Español) -- posted 06.18.19
  • Public Notice: Spellman Retention Center for 2015 Flood Events (English, Español) -- posted 03.15.18
  • Public Notice: Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events Additional Funds (English, Español) -- posted 10.18.2017
  • Public Notice: Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events Additional Funds Public Hearing (English, Español) -- posted 09.20.17
  • Public Notice: Storm Water Action Team (SWAT) Infrastructure Projects (English, Español) -- posted 07.11.17
  • Public Notice: Disaster Recovery - 2015 Flood Events Buyout Program (English, Español) -- posted 05.10.17
  • Public Notice: Disaster Recovery - 2015 Flood Events Amendment (English, Español)-- posted 05.10.17
  • Public Notice -- Public Hearing (English, Español) -- posted 08.03.16
  • Public Notice -- Summary Action Plan for Disaster Recovery-2015 Flood Events  (English, Español) -- posted 08.16.16
  • Public Notice -- Public Meeting for Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events - Focus on Unmet Needs (English) -- posted 08.25.16
  • Public Notice -- Public Meeting for Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events - Focus on Unmet Needs (English) -- posted 08.30.16
  • Public Notice -- Action Plan for Disaster Recovery 2015 Flood Events Update (English, Español) -- posted 10.19.16

2015 Flood Recovery Quarterly Performance Reports

How to File a Complaint

Written complaints from the public related to this Action Plan (or its amendments), QPRs, or the City’s activities or programs funded with CDBG-DR15, will receive careful consideration and will be answered in writing, or other effective method of communication, within 15 business days, when possible. Written complaints should be sent to:

Attn: Planning and Grants Management

City of Houston
Housing and Community Development Department
2100 Travis Street, 9th Floor, Houston, Texas 77002


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