Housing and Community Development Department

Press Release

Mayor Turner Puts Slumlords on Notice with Demolition of Crestmont Village Apartments

April 27, 2017 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner delivered on his promise to rid Sunnyside of the long-plagued Crestmont Village Apartments. Members of the Crestmont Village Civic Association and the surrounding neighborhood looked on as the building, which was once the source of over 200 police calls for service, was torn down. The demolition was a culmination of a two-year process and coordinated effort of nine city departments to relocate residents and hold negligent owners accountable by issuing a city obtained court order to shut down the apartment community.

Mayor Turner elicited cheers as he promised, “No longer will slum and blight be allowed to go unchecked; apartment owners will be held to a standard of quality.”

The demolition not only put negligent apartment owners on notice, but was also a step towards creating a complete community that is safe, affordable and economically strong. Justin Hartz of LDG Development was on hand to announce that 192 affordable units will be built at the property next door.

Director Tom McCasland of the Housing and Community Development Department recognized the value of adding affordable units but acknowledged the need for more.

“I want residents to know that we see them, and we acknowledge there is a need; we will continue leveraging our resources and working to create quality, affordable homes.”

Councilmember Dwight Boykins and Congressman Al Green applauded residents for being active and joined in the celebration of the residents taking back their community.

Cherry Companies began demolishing the property after letting the mayor take a swing at the building that once threatened the quality of life for hundreds of his constituents. As the building was razed, expectations of community members and onlookers were raised along with it. Mayor Turner and the city will be actively working to eliminate slum and blight and the creation of complete communities city-wide.