Solid Waste Management Department

Fluorescent Lights

Small quantities can be disposed of in the trash. We recommend you wrap them in newspaper to avoid possible injury. Otherwise, if you have large quantities, please contact a private disposal firm. See "Waste Disposal - Nonhazardous", "Hazardous Materials - Disposal", and "Environmental and Ecological Equipment and Services" in the Yellow Pages.

The City of Houston will accept fluorescent light bulbs and tubes from residents at the Environmental Service Center and the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center.

For more information and directions found via the links below...

ESC North
5614 Neches, Building C
ZIP Code 77026
ESC South
11500 South Post Oak
ZIP Code 77035
Westpark Recycling Center
5900 Westpark
ZIP Code 77057

Find more local recycling resources and facilities at Earth 911.com