Business Automated Recycling Program

Business Recycling

Business Recycling Program

The City of Houston offers small to mid-size businesses curbside recycling collection in select areas for a small fee.

By recycling more, your business trash volume is reduced. Recycling saves natural resources and energy, reduces air and water pollution, and reduces our community's reliance on landfills.

Join other businesses that are already recycling. For a nominal fee per cart, businesses are eligible to receive a maximum of four 96-gallon green carts to store their recyclables. Included with the cart is information explaining the materials acceptable for collection. The program offers convenient bi-weekly collection with no sorting required.

Three (3), six (6)month and one (1) year terms are available. Recycling Program
To enroll in the program, select the number of carts and months you would like.

Select the number of carts and months you would like.

  3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
1 Recycling cart $ 92.82 $ 185.64 $ 371.28
2 Recycling carts $ 156.09 $ 312.18 $ 624.36
3 Recycling carts $ 219.36 $ 438.72 $ 877.44
4 Recycling carts $ 282.63 $ 565.26 $ 1,130.52

City of Houston collects regular trash (Black 96 Gal lon cart)

  3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
1 Recycling cart $ 63.27 $ 126.54 $ 253.08
2 Recycling carts $ 126.54 $ 253.08 $ 506.16
3 Recycling carts $ 189.81 $ 379.62 $ 759.24
4 Recycling carts $ 253.08 $ 406.16 $ 1,012.32

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Enroll Today,
Small to mid-size business owners now have a solution for their recycling needs. For more information, contact a business recycling consultant at
832-393-0444 or e-mail at

Sign-up by completing the Enrollment package and return to the SWMD.
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Recycling Calendar
PDF ICON  Recycling Calendar

Recyclables Accepted
It has never been easier to recycle. There is no need to separate. We accept:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Phone books
  • Paperboard e.g. cereal and tissue boxes
  • Hard PLASTICS #1 through #5 and #7 (no styrofoam)
  • Metal cans
  • Paper. Including magazines, envelopes and junk mail
    *NOTE. Shredded paper is NOT accepted.

What Goes Where?

Enter the item you wish to dispose of into the web tool to find the proper disposal methods and locations, including recycling options and drop-off centers.