To provide the city with integrated municipal waste management services designed to support environmental health, sustainability, and economic development in all communities throughout Houston.

E-waste Collection


To preserve the cleanliness of our communities through the provision of efficient, reliable, and sustainable solid waste management services in order to create a One Clean Houston.
E-waste Collection


Values are focused on Fairness, Accountability, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Safety.

About The Department

The Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) is entrusted with the vital task of providing solid waste services to the citizens of Houston. Through the collection, disposal, and recycling of discarded materials, we operate in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective. Our services extend to an estimated 400,000 curbside residents, 6 Neighborhood Depositories, and 5 recycling drop-off centers, including a small commercial collection.

SWMD is responsible for coordinating residential curbside collections services throughout the jurisdictional city limits for garbage, recycling, bulk items, yard waste and other materials. Disposal of non-traditional items such as bulky waste, furniture, and light construction and demolition materials, can be properly discarded at any one of the Department’s six Neighborhood Depository sites located throughout the city. We understand the importance of fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly community, and our services are designed to make waste disposal both seamless and environmentally conscious.

The Solid Waste Management Department is comprised of 7 divisions Administration, 4 Operating Centers, Facilities Maintenance, and Recycling coordination. Grant-funded public partnerships are used to provide additional support beyond routine waste collection, as we actively engage in multi-functional litter abatement and debris removal from homeless encampment sites throughout the City. This comprehensive initiative reduces illegal dumping, ensuring our city remains free from litter and minimizes the risks of creating environmental hazards. Through strategic planning and community involvement, we strive to create a cityscape that reflects the pride and cleanliness of its residents. In addition, developing partnerships with the Houston Recycling Collaboration has led to national recognition of Houston as a partner in designing innovative circular economic solutions that keep hard-to-recycle plastic waste out of landfills and other disposal facilities.