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Title VI Complaint Processing Procedures and Resolutions

Complaint Processing Procedures

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Coordinator will determine the following:

  • completion of the complaint
  • it meets the submission time requirements
  • if additional information is required
  • if the City of Houston has jurisdiction for this complaint

The Title VI Coordinator will be responsible for notifying the respondent(s) of receipt of the complaint within five (5) working days of receipt and whether the complaint is accepted or not accepted. If accepted, the Title VI Coordinator shall forward a copy of the complaint to the Federal agency Office of Civil Rights and City of Houston's City Attorney for review.

If the complaint is not accepted, the complainant will be notified of the reason(s).

Resolution Process
All complaints shall be investigated and addressed with a formal written response within 30 days of the date the complaint is received in the attempt to resolve it at the lowest possible level.

Appealing the Written Decision
All resolutions are final. If additional facts or circumstances require a review of the event, a new complaint may be submitted for review.

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