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Title VI Language Access Services

The City of Houston is committed to ensuring that reasonable steps are taken to provide meaningful access for Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals eligible to be served or likely to be encountered by any City of Houston program or activity.

The City’s Language Access requirements are governed by its Administrative Procedure 2-11. This citywide procedure establishes policies for providing information about City services, programs, and activities to residents and visitors with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and applies to all City of Houston departments. The policy states in part, that:

  • Language assistance will be provided through the use of competent bilingual staff interpreters, or interpretation or translation services.
  • All interpreters, translators, and other resources needed to comply with this policy shall be provided without cost to the LEP individual being served and constituents and visitors will be informed that the services are free of charge.
  • All departments that provide services directly to the public shall provide information about LEP services by developing and implementing department or agency-specific language access plans.

City employees, when assisting LEP individuals, whether in person or via phone, may utilize one or more of the following methods for communicating.  Adjustments may be made, given the actual circumstances.

  • Identification – City employees should identify the language of communication needs of the LEP individual.  This can be accomplished by use of iSpeak Cards or other language access tools.
  • Interpreters – City departmental in-house staff fluent in the respective language, if available, will be used to interpret. 
  • Family/Friends – LEP individuals who prefer to use a family member, or friend as an interpreter, may do so if they request it.
  • Language Line – When a department bilingual employee is not available, the Language Line through the City’s 3-1-1 Service Line Division will be utilized to assist LEP individuals.

Reasonable measures will also be taken to translate essential program information for LEP individuals and communities.

Information on the City of Houston’s iSpeak Houston Language Access Program can be found at iSpeak Houston.

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