Houston Fire Department

Fire Warden Certification Classes (Mid Rise)

The Houston Fire Department is now offering Mid Rise Atrium Evacuation Training!

This training is for persons who work within a Mid Rise Atrium Building and are required to have a Fire Warden Training Certificate. Those having attended this class will receive a Certificate for having attended the Mid Rise Atrium Evacuation Training and is valid towards Fire Warden Certification for up to five years.

Please note this training is not valid for High Rise Evacuation Training. For information on high rise training please visit the HFD High Rise Fire Certication Webpage.

June 20, 2019 1pm - 3pm
Houston Marriott Westchase
2900 Briarpark Drive
Houston, Texas 77042

Registration deadline is Thursday, June 13, 2019 1pm

We must have a list of persons attending to guarantee reservations.

Additional training availability information:
The Houston Fire Department has set up and implemented a list of all high-rise buildings for Fire Safety Plan approvals. This list was set up to ensure that priority is given to buildings that have the greatest need while also providing each building an equal opportunity. The list of buildings is separated into two groups based on whether the building is an occupancy where people sleep, such as hotel, apartments, and condominiums or those buildings where people do not sleep, such as office buildings. Buildings are then sub-grouped by no sprinkler system, partial sprinkler system, or complete sprinkler systems before sorting by building height. The highest priority building is the residential building that is non-sprinklered, and the tallest in height. Our goal is to provide the needed services to approve each building within a two-year cycle. Buildings desiring to expedite the process also have three additional options.
  1. The monthly open high-rise certification seminar is for buildings that have requested to send a limited number of fire wardens and building management employees to a class that is open to all high-rise buildings. The class information is not specific to any particular building and requires building management to supplement the training with their building specifics.
  2. An inspector/instructor in the Life Safety Bureau, Public Education Section - High-rise Fire Safety Plan Approvals, may be obtained to provide training outside his regular work hours on an overtime basis. This may be done by contacting Diana Cardenas by e-mail at: diana.cardenas@houstontx.gov. This should be done prior to payment of a required permit fee so that an instructor can be assigned to made contact with the requesting party, to assist the requesting party with information on the application for over-time training and payment of the permit fees, and to schedule a mutually convenient training date.

    A City of Houston permit fee is required to schedule an inspector/instructor. The permit fee is $326.89 plus an admin fee of $29.18 (as of January 2019).

  3. Having a City of Houston Fire Marshal approved consultant perform the training. The process to receive an approved Fire Safety Plan consist of the three following essential training elements conducted by persons, institutions or companies approved by the Fire Marshal according to regulations established by the Fire Marshal: a consultation with building management, an approved certification training for Fire Wardens and building employees, and a fire drill supervised by persons, institutions or companies approved by the Fire Marshal.