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Apartment Manager Checklist Guide for Fire Inspection Survey

Atrium Building Retrofit Ordiance

Candles and similar items or devices, the use of

Christmas Trees in public buildings

Decorative Vegetation Use

Extension Cords and Multiplug adapters, use of

Fire Alarms (Permits and False)

Fire Alarms - Letter from Fire Marshal regarding false fire alarm reports

Fire Alarm System - Procedures for remodeling and demolition of buildings with a required fire alarm system

Fire Alarm System Maintenance During Construction in Buildings (.pdf)

Fire Alarm System - Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Code Amendments , 2006 Houston (Effective 12/31/2010)

Fire Depository Box Refer to Stnd 6 "Fire Depository Boxes"

Fire Drills - Conducting Fire Drills in High Rise Buildings (.pdf)

Fire Drills - How To Conduct A Fire Drill Letter (.pdf) (Revised 5/06)

High-Rise Fire Warden Certification

Mid-Rise Fire Warden Certification

Haz-Mat plan submittal guideline

High-Piled Storage Plan Submittal Guideline

High-rise Apartment/Loft/Condominium Safety Plan

High-rise Hotel Safety Plan

High-rise Inspection Guide

High-rise Offices Safety Plan

High-Rise Survey Checklist (HFD form 27) .xls format or .pdf format

High-Rise Triad

Hotel/Motel Inspection Guide

In the event of a fire letter/information

Inspections - Home Day Cares

Mid-Rise Atrium evacuation plan - call 832.394.6900

Occupancy Capacity Signs (.pdf)

Open-flame Sterno- type product use

Permits (Fire Alarms, Fire Prevention, Hazardous Materials)

Public Address System Instruction Sign

Space Heater Appliance Use

Sprinkler Ordinance - The COH Fire Code "Appendix J" - The retroactive high-rise building sprinkler ordinance

Sprinkler Ordinance - Sample Letter of Intent to Comply... per Fire Code Appendix J The COH Fire Code

Stairwell identification requirements


Tier II Reports