Municipal Courts

Veterans Court

Are you a veteran?
Do you need assistance with your Municipal Courts warrants and issues?
If so, the City of Houston Veterans Court can help.

To schedule your cases in Veterans Court, simply visit any of our locations (All Municipal Courts Locations and Hours of Operations) to:

  1. Speak with an Annex Judge – let the judge know you are a veteran by providing proper identification/documentation of proof of military service.
  2. Obtain a New Court Date – the Annex Judge will schedule your case(s) for Veterans Court and issue you a new court date. Veterans Court docket will be held on the second Thursday of each month only at the 1400 Lubbock court location.
  3. Attend Veterans Court – appear in court on the appointed date/time to receive assistance with your warrants, capias pro fines, deferred payments, community service and delinquent, non-compliance issues.

* Additional resources and assistance will be available during Veterans Court.

Veterans Court Graphic