Super Neighborhoods

The Mayor's Assistance Office assists interested stakeholders in forming a Super Neighborhood Council. Once a council successfully completes all the preliminary steps, which include gathering diverse stakeholder representation, creating an organizational structure and drafting by-laws they are recognized by the Mayor. In some cases, Super Neighborhoods (SN) collaborate to form one joint council.

After agreeing on an organizational framework, stakeholders will formulate and adopt by-laws. By-laws address fundamental issues on conducting business and making decisions. By-laws should address the following issues:

  • The right of any stakeholder within the super neighborhood to be represented, either through new or existing organization
  • The manner in which council seats and subsequent voting authority is assigned. One scenario might be that each stakeholder organization holds a seat on the council.
  • The manner in which super neighborhood council meetings will be conducted.
  • The method by which residents will participate in council activities and be informed of decisions.
  • The method for assuring that all council activity is conducted in open meetings where all residents may observe discussions and participate under defined circumstances.
  • A prohibition against exclusion of any individual or organization based on race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin from participating super neighborhood council activities or serving as a council member.
  • View the Super Neighborhoods 2017 Demographic Profiles page


  • This list of Super Neighborhoods (SN) is alphabetical by SN

Super Neighborhood Name SN Activity Status SN # MAO Liaison
Acres Home active 6 Northwest
Addicks Park Ten inactive 9 North Central
Afton Oaks / River Oaks inactive 23 Central
Alief active 25 Southwest
Astrodome Area inactive 34 Central
Braeburn active 30 Southwest
Braeswood 32 Central
Brays Oaks active 36 Southwest
Briar Forest active 18 Main Office
Carverdale inactive 3 Northwest
Central Northwest active 12 Northwest
Central Southwest photo 40 South
Clear Lake inactive 81 South
Clinton Park / Tri-Community active 59 Southeast
Denver Harbor / Port Houston inactive 56 Southeast
Downtown inactive 61 North Central
East Houston photo 49 North
East Little York / Homestead active 47 North
Eastex - Jensen active 46 North
Edgebrook inactive 79 Southeast
El Dorado / Oates Prairie inactive 53 North
Eldridge / West Oaks active 17 Main Office
Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing inactive 4 Northwest
Fondren Gardens photo 39 South
Fort Bend / Houston active 41 Main Office
Fourth Ward inactive 60 Central
Golfcrest / Bellfort / Reveille inactive 73 South
Greater Eastwood photo 64 Southeast
Greater Fifth Ward active 55 North
Greater Greenspoint inactive 2 Central
Greater Heights active 15 North Central
Greater Hobby Area inactive 78 Southeast
Greater Inwood active 5 Northwest
Greater OST / South Union active 68 Central
Greater Third Ward active 67 Central
Greater Uptown inactive 21 Main Office
Greenway / Upper Kirby inactive 87 Central
Gulfgate Riverview / Pine Valley inactive 69 Central
Gulfton active 27 Southwest
Harrisburg / Manchester / Smith Addition active 65 Southeast
Hidden Valley inactive 7 Northwest
Hunterwood inactive 54 North
IAH Airport inactive 42 North
Independence Heights active 13 Northwest
Kashmere Gardens active 52 North
Kingwood active 43 Main Office
Lake Houston inactive 44 .
Langwood inactive 11 Northwest
Lawndale / Wayside photo 88 Southeast
Lazybrook / Timbergrove active 14 North Central
MacGregor active 83 South
Magnolia Park active 82 Southeast
Meadowbrook / Allendale inactive 75 Southeast
Medical Center inactive 33 Central
Memorial active 16 Main Office
Meyerland 31 Southwest
Mid-West active 20 Southwest
Midtown 62 North Central
Minnetex inactive 77 South
Museum Park active 66 North Central
Near Northside active 51 North Central
Near Southwest 38 Central
Neartown / Montrose active 24 North Central
Northshore inactive 58 North
Northside / Northline inactive 45 Northwest
Park Place inactive 74 Southeast
Pecan Park inactive 70 Southeast
Pleasantville Area active 57 Central
Second Ward active 63 Southeast
Settegast photo 50 North
Sharpstown inactive 26 Southwest
South Acres / Crestmont Park photo 76 South
South Belt / Ellington inactive 80 Southeast
South Main inactive 35 Central
South Park inactive 72 South
Spring Branch Central active 85 North Central
Spring Branch East active 86 North Central
Spring Branch North active 84 North Central
Spring Branch West active 10 Northwest
Sunnyside photo 71 South
Trinity / Houston Gardens active 48 North
University Place active 28 .
Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park active 22 North Central
Westbranch inactive 8 Northwest
Westbury active 37 Southwest
Westchase inactive 19 Southwest
Westwood inactive 29 Southwest
Willowbrook active 1 Southeast