Mayor’s Advisory Task Force

The Task Force is a committee appointed by the Mayor and composed of members that represent the SWMD (Solid Waste Management Department) and experts from the solid waste industry, the environmental and sustainability community, and residents. The Task Force helped guide the development of the plan.

The role of the Task Force includes:

    • Provide insight and perspective on solid waste management issues important to Houston
    • Assist in establishing goals and objectives
    • Provide comments and recommendations on planning documents
    • Comment on the final plan
    • Assist in communicating to the public

The Task Force participated in a series of meetings over the planning process. The goal of the meetings was to share feedback on the plan vision, goals, and objectives, draft plan and other areas such as the survey, public outreach and planning components to ensure each stakeholder has an opportunity for input.

Visit Project Reports for the Task Force meeting agendas, notes and presentations