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Holiday Lights

Helium Tanks Recycling

Do not place holiday lights (tanglers) in your curbside recycling. Tanglers, including holiday lights and power cords, cannot be recycled in your home recycling cart and will cause problems and shutdowns at the local recycling facility. These cords can tangle in the rotating machinery at the recycling plant, which could break the equipment. Not to mention endanger the people working.

Where to Recycle Christmas Lights

For proper disposal and recycling of holiday lights check with local retailers like Home Depot for take-back recycling programs. Other locations accepting holiday lights are City of Houston Recycling Centers and City of Houston Zoo. Strands of holiday lights can be recycled with scrap metal, even with bulbs attached. Scrap metal companies may offer a small rebate for your used holiday lights.


Donate To help protect wildlife, the Houston Zoo has placed a holiday lights recycling bin outside of the main entrance gate of the Zoo. Only string lights will be accepted for recycling; please do not bring other items such as floodlights, extension cords, or light hooks.

Drop-off locations

Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Centers Neighborhood Recycling Drop-off Locations Environmental Service Center (ESC) Locations

Additionally, it provides additional list of drop-off locations near your home.