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SB 952: Concrete Batch Plant Plot Plans

The economic and population growth of Texas has led to a proliferation of concrete batch plants, many of them near residential communities, affecting the health and quality life of citizens. The public is often left with insufficient information about facilities that will be established in their communities, and permits are approved without a detailed plot plan.

Senate Bill 952 by Sen. Hinojosa and Rep. Walle addresses this issue by increasing requirements of an application for the issuance of a standard permit for a concrete plant that performs wet batching, dry batching, or central mixing as part of the permitting process. 

This legislation will require permit applicants to include a plot plan showing a distance scale, a north arrow, all property lines, emission points, buildings, and equipment in the area in which the facility will be located thereby providing pertinent information that would benefit all parties reviewing the permit application.  

A requirement to provide this detailed information would give concerned parties an opportunity to evaluate the relevant issues at the application stage.    

This legislation represents the only measure addressing concrete batch plants that passed the Legislature.

The Governor signed this legislation and it will take effect September 1. 2021.