Appropriations for City of Houston Reentry

Under Article V, Section 57 of the appropriations bill (Senate Bill 1), money from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shall be provided in the following amount:

  1. $500,000 in fiscal year 2022 and $500,000 in fiscal year 2023 for the City of Houston Reentry Pilot Program

Today, the Community Reentry Network Program (CRNP) provides in-reach and outreach to those involved in the criminal justice system, a structured system of holistic assessments, intensive case management support, evidence-based programming, and workforce support to more than 400 individuals annually.

The CRNP also provides increased awareness of program resources and promotion of access to care, including behavioral healthcare in the community setting.

The CRNP will enhance its efforts, through the Houston Reentry Pilot Program, by providing assessments, intensive case management, workforce development and other training opportunities for individuals released from a TDCJ institutional division or state jail facility within the last three years returning to Houston.

The Houston Reentry Services Pilot Program will also provide funding opportunities for local reentry providers to assist in supporting those recently released within the last 3 years returning to Houston. The funding will support efforts including, but not limited to, training and certification, workforce development, transitional employment, and other related reintegration efforts.

The goals of these efforts are to increase employment opportunities and to reduce recidivism among this population. The funding appropriations will support in enhancing the quality of life for formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the Houston area.