Houston Fire Department

What Your Family Should Know

What Your Family Should Know” is a project of The Public Information Office of the Houston Fire Department. Printing and distribution of this handbook are funded through the generous gifts and donation of our friends and partners.

This personal family and financial diary was planned with the specific intention of giving firefighters, who serve in a high-risk profession, the opportunity to organize their personal and financial business. This information will help guide their families through a difficult time should that firefighter be killed in the line of duty or die at an early age. However, this diary can be used by anyone to organize his or her personal and financial affairs.

Having worked with many families who have lost love ones in the line of duty, or as active members, it is apparent that some firefighters need assistance handling their personal paperwork. Firefighters seem more comfortable fighting fires than organizing their personal affairs. Each time we gather to honor a fallen firefighter, we are often confronted with more and more families whose loved one has forgotten to update their beneficiary forms. This is a hurt no family should have to suffer. The information provided will eliminate many family traumas associated with the loss of a loved one.

For additional information, please email the HFD Chaplain: Robert.Delgado@houstontx.gov or call at 832-394-6638