Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

List of HCOD Committees

BECOME A VOLUNTEER FOR THE HOUSTON COMMISSION ON DISABILITIES (HCOD) – The HCOD is comprised of twelve positions and four alternate positions. Seated commissioners select committees they want to serve on that best fit their expertise and interests. Additional members of HCOD committees are drawn from community leaders, advocates and individuals who make a difference in the lives of individuals who cannot always speak for themselves and of those who can.

Serving on one or more of the HCOD committees will provide you the experience of service with the HCOD and help us make a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities. Below is a list of the committees that you can join as a member of the public. Your volunteerism and effort on these committees will help the HCOD function in the best possible way to assist people with all disabilities in the City of Houston.

City of Houston Policies and Procedures - Advises City of Houston departments regarding how to improve policies concerning people with disabilities, including but not limited to, policies impacting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing

Emergency Preparedness - Advises and makes recommendations to Greater Houston area leaders on emergency preparedness, response and recovery policies and procedures for people with disabilities

Employment - Promotes employment for people with disabilities through collaboration with employers and government agencies

Parks and Accessibility - Collaborates with the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department to help improve access to and increased opportunities for health and wellness activities for people with disabilities

Metro/Transportation/Parking – Works with city officials to develop and support policies and procedures that will improve access to public transportation and parking in the City of Houston

Marketing & Communication – Develops branding and marketing to ensure public awareness of HCOD programs, services and activities in a variety of formats, including by print and electronic means

MDAYA (Mayor's Disability Advocate of the Year Award) - Receives and reviews nominations for the Mayor's Disability Advocate of the Year Awards and selects the winners from nominees who have excelled in the area of advocacy for people with disabilities

K-12 Disability Related Issues in Public Schools - Advocates for students with disabilities in area schools and works in conjunction with the local education agencies to improve the quality of education for individuals with disabilities. Increases awareness of recreational and educational activities in the COH for students with disabilities.

HCOD meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 4:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center located at 1475 W. Gray St. Houston, TX 77019. Agendas are posted on the HCOD website at: