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13 Priority Actions

The Vision Zero Action Plan identifies 50 total actions, including 13 priority actions. The priority actions are Houston’s first for implementation because they set the stage for a meaningful Vision Zero strategy. These actions will be continually informed by data from reports and community members.

# Communication Lead Support
1 Report Vision Zero efforts and effectiveness with a public facing dashboard and an annual report card. PDD HHD, HPW
2 Implement a citywide communication campaign on street safety to celebrate the reality that people use different modes of transportation to get around Houston. Mayor's Office PDD, METRO
3 Train city employees about how to speak to public and media about crashes. PDD HHD
# Safe Systems Lead Support
4 Reframe the City's transportation planning tools: shift citywide standards to Multimodal Level of Service. Prioritize Vision Zero goals in the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM). HPW PDD, Permitting
5 Evaluate every city roadway reconstruction project for multimodal safety needs and opportunities at project inception. HPW PDD, Permitting
6 Identify high-risk roadway features and develop templates to simplify consistent safety redesigns. HPW, PDD TxDOT, H-GAC, METRO
# Safe Speeds Lead Support
7 Determine safest vehicle speeds for all people using the street and then design the street to support that speed. HPW PDD, LGL, TxDOT
8 Use design as a tool to support and enforce pedestrian right-of-way at intersections and crosswalks. HPW PDD
9 Use signal timing to maximize safety and comfort of all modes over vehicle throughput. HPW PDD, METRO
# Programming Lead Support
10 Redesign 10 locations on the High Injury Network (HIN) every two years and implement reconstruction within the following fiscal year. HPW MOPD, PDD
11 Construct at least 50 miles of sidewalks each year. HPW MOPD
12 Construct at least 25 miles of high-comfort bicycle facilities each year. HPW HPB, PDD
13 Inventory and prioritize street improvements within a half-mile of transit centers to improve safety and access for persons with a disability. PDD METRO, H-GAC, MOPD