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Everyone deserves safe, accessible streets and sidewalks. That’s why Houston is committed to ending traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030. We can prevent people from dying on our roadways. No loss of life is acceptable.

Vision Zero Houston prioritizes safety and accessibility in street design for people of all ages and abilities. It requires collaboration and leadership to improve mobility through engineering, enforcement, education, evaluation, and equity. Vision Zero Houston is a comprehensive and holistic approach to safer streets that supports the common good and enhances the quality of life for all Houstonians. > Read more here

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Humans of Houston

In the City of Houston, every other day someone loses their life in a traffic crash on our streets and every day three people will suffer from severe, life-altering injuries. Vision Zero is committed to ending this trend. Nearly 7 million people live in the City of Houston and move about on our streets. These are their stories. View their stories

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High Injury Network

The High Injury Network represents 60% of traffic deaths and serious injuries occurring on 6% of Houston streets. This subset of streets helps the City and its partners identify solutions to prevent future severe crashes.

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What would a Vision Zero project look like? Are there any already underway? Click below to view projects that might fall under Vision Zero. View Relevant Projects

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Download and view the Vision Zero Action Plan.The Vision Zero Action Plan is avaliable in English and in Spanish translation.