OIS INC #91122721

"Houston Police Department Southeast Patrol Division Officers were dispatched to a family disturbance call at the listed location. Upon arrival, Officers spoke with the complainant, who stated she was choked by suspect #1. Officers attempted to speak with Suspect #1, but he was not cooperating. As a result, Officers attempted to detain Suspect #1 by placing him in handcuffs, which escalated into a physical altercation. A person in the rrom intervened by pulling Officers hands away from Suspect #1. Suspect #1 attempted to remove one of the officer's firearm from its holster. The officer was struggling to keep the suspect from pulling the weapon out of the holster when it discharged. At this point the second officer fired his duty weapon at the suspect. Suspect #1 was struck and succumbed to his injuries on scene. Suspect #2 was charged with Assault against Peace Officer. One Officer sustained minor injury to his face as a result of the physical altercation with Suspect #2. "