OIS INC #84650022

Houston Police Department (HPD) officer was working an extra employment job at Walmart when suspect entered the Walmart wielding a large wooden club (Wood Table leg). The complainant, who was exiting the location, was approached by the suspect, whom he had never met. The suspect stated, "Get out of my store", and struck the complainant with the wooden club twice in the head, injuring the complainant. The suspect then walked away from the business. The HPD Officer was notified of the incident by Walmart staff and followed behind the suspect. The officer attempted to stop the suspect, but he ran from him and headed towards Panda Express, located in the same shopping center. Officer attempted to use his Conducted Energy Device (CED) on the suspect, but the suspect was able to forcibly take the Officers CED. The suspect and the Officer tussled over the CED. The suspect struck the officers in the head multiple times until the officer was able to create distance and unholster his weapon and discharge his firearm at the suspect striking him in the abdomen. The suspect fled the location and was detained by arriving units at a neighboring business. The suspect was transported to Ben Taub hospital for a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The Officer was transported to Memorial Herman with bruising, and a laceration to the head.