OIS INC #54506022

Houston Police Department's SWAT Team and Crime Suppression Team attempted to arrest the suspect for several felony warrants. Officers observed the suspect's vehicle pull into the gas stationand a female driver exited the vehicle and began walking into the store, while the suspect remained in the front passenger seat. SWAT vehicles converged towards the suspect's vehicle as a marked unit pulled up and activated its lights and siren. The suspect moved over to the front driver side and placed the vehicle in reverse, striking a SWAT vehicle. Then, the suspect accelerated forward in the direction of a female sitting in front of the store. At this time, a SWAT Officer discharged his weapon, striking the suspect. The vehicle came to a stop and the suspect remained inside the vehicle. Knowing the suspect was armed, the SWAT Team deployed a chemical agent into the vehicle in an attempt to get him to come out safely. A single gunshot was heard from inside the vehicle. Officers approached the vehicle, removed the suspect, and began medical treatment. The suspect was transported to the hospital in critical condition.