OIS INC #1947821

Members of the Houston Police Department Northeast Crime Suppression Team (CST) along with the Robbery Violent Offender Squad, were conducting a Robbery investigation at the listed location. The main suspect in this case had two open felony warrants for Robbery and Possession of a Controlled Substance. Members of the CST received information that the suspects were at the listed location and upon arrival found the suspect vehicle at the location. The CST was staged in the parking lot of the location (hotel), when the suspect was observed entering his vehicle. The CST performed a vehicle containment technique and identified themselves as Houston Police Officers. The officers commenced to give verbal commands to the suspects to show their hands at which point two suspects fled the scene. One of these suspects was wearing a bullet proof vest and was armed with a pistol which he dropped as he fled. The third suspect exited the vehicle and reached for a pistol he had in his waist band at which time an HPD Officer discharged his weapon one time, striking the suspect. This suspect did not survive his injuries. The two suspects who initially fled the scene were apprehended and arrested. Several firearms were recovered on the scene.