OIS INC #14351721

Houston Police Department officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a black BMW for speeding and failing to signal a lane change. The driver ignored all signals to pull over and began to actively evade arrest in a motor vehicle. The suspect fled from the officers until he wrecked his vehicle at the location, thus rendering his vehicle inoperable. The suspect then exited his vehicle and fled on foot west bound down the service road, then north on Harbor Street. Officers attempted to intercept him as they turned their patrol vehicle north onto Harbor Street. As soon as they turned onto Harbor Street, the suspect stopped, produced a black semi-automatic handgun, and fired at the officers numerous times as they were still in their patrol vehicle and attempting to catch up to him. The suspect struck the patrol vehicle several times near the passenger side front door and windshield of the patrol vehicle narrowly missing the officers. One of the officers then drew his duty weapon and returned fire at the suspect. Neither officers nor the suspect was struck by gunfire. The suspect was then arrested without further incident.