OIS INC #139264720

Houston Police Department officers were dispatched to a disturbance call. Upon arrival, officer met with a female and her teenage son outside of the apartment complex. The female was requesting officer’s assistance regarding a disturbance with her husband. Officers then requested the assistance of Sergeant Preston. After Sergeant Preston spoke to the female, the officers and sergeant walked over to the apartment to make contact with the husband. The husband did not answer the door so the teenage son attempted to use his key to enter the apartment. As soon as the door was opened, the suspect was standing on the other side of the door pointing a gun towards his son, and officer. The suspect fired several rounds toward his son and the officers that were standing near the doorway. Sergeant Preston, Officer Waller and the suspect’s son were struck by gun fire. Sergeant Preston returned fire and injured the suspect. The suspect barricaded himself inside the apartment until later surrendering to SWAT officers. Officers were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital where Officer Waller is in stable condition and Sergeant Preston succumbed to his injuries.