OIS INC #11809622

Houston Police Officers received a threat to life call. Officers received information over the MDT of the suspects name and vehicle he was driving in. Officers spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop the suspect. Suspect fled in the vehicle and crashed at 2500 Hutchins. Officers pulled up behind him to conduct a felony traffic stop where the suspect immediately got out of his vehicle and discharged several rounds at the officers. Officers returned fire and possible struck the suspect in the jaw/neck area. Three Officers were hit by the suspects gunfire, while suspect fled on foot. Suspect than carjacks a female citizen close by and flees in her vehicle. Officers then go to his residence and see's the complainants stolen vehicle parked outside. SWAT made the scene and attempted to make contact with the suspect, but the suspect ignored them and barricaded himself in the residence. As SWAT was attempting to deploy some of their assets, suspect shot at them and they returned fire. After a few hours, suspect surrendered to SWAT. Suspect was transported to the hospital with visible injuries in stable condition. All three officers were transported to the hospital in stable condition. Suspect was charged for three counts of Attempted Capital Murder of a Police Officer and one count of Aggravated Robbery. Suspect was currently wanted on other felony charges at the time of the incident.