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Flat Parking rate set at municipal courts parking lot

February 19, 2010 -- In partnership with the City of Houston Municipal Courts Administration Department and the General Services Department’s Parking Management Division, a $5 flat rate for all visitors to the Municipal Lot located at 1400 Lubbock has been implemented in order to better serve customers visiting the City of Houston Municipal Courts.

“Our customers expressed concerns about leaving courtroom proceedings to extend their parking, “said Sahira Abdool, Director of the Municipal Courts Administration Department. “With a $5 flat rate, customers can focus on their court business and not worry about parking.”

After parking their vehicle, citizens should note the number of their parking stall. They will be required to provide the stall number when paying for parking. Once payment is received, the pay station will print out a receipt that must be placed face up on the vehicle’s dashboard. These receipts are only valid for parking in the Municipal Courts lot and cannot be used to park at metered parking spaces in other locations. 

“It is our priority to be responsive to customer requests,” said Issa Dadoush, Director of the General Services Department. “We certainly understand that a customer would be unwilling to leave a courtroom to extend time on the pay station.”

Parking Management will have Ambassadors stationed at 1400 Lubbock to help visitors during the transition. The Municipal Courts parking lot operates Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Parking for Jurors will continue to be provided free of charge at Lot H, 1500 Memorial.

For more information about the City of Houston Parking Management Division, please visit

For information about citations, visit the Municipal Courts website at or contact the Houston Helpline at 3-1-1 or 713-837-0311 if outside the City of Houston.