City of Houston Mayor's Office of Communications 

Mayor's Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement in Support of Judge Lina Hidalgo

September 14, 2023 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“Sometimes, the act of simply asking for help can be the hardest part along the road of healing. I applauded Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo when she spoke openly about her need for treatment for depression, and I look forward to welcoming her back in October when she returns to her duties.

"Overwhelmingly, I’ve seen supportive statements for her announcement from across the political spectrum. Given the wide swath of Houston families who have dealt with health issues – including mine – having leaders be open and honest about health needs has been a great example. Asking for help isn’t a weakness, and it shows great strength and self-awareness.

"Regrettably, some have chosen this medical issue as a reason to continue their political games. To those who have chosen that route and those who have chosen to publish and amplify that gamesmanship, you have shown us who you are. Mental health is a serious issue that demands your respect. I stand with Judge Hidalgo and hope those who have sought to gain from her illness reflect on what that says about them.

"Leaders understand that public statements on issues echo widely in the public – especially in stigmatizing matters like getting access to mental health treatment.

Listen to the sound of your own voice and decide if you are leading, on simply throwing stones.”