City of Houston Mayor's Office of Communications 

Mayor's Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement on New York City Mayor Adams Visiting U.S. - Mexico Border

January 15, 2023 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"I am glad New York City Mayor Eric Adams is visiting El Paso in response to Gov. Greg Abbott having bussed thousands of migrants to his city without notice and without providing resources for these men, women, and children. In addition to New York City, the governor has bussed migrants to Chicago, Denver, and to the home of the Vice President.

"Immigration is a serious issue that deserves our best efforts as elected officials. The recent actions by President Joe Biden announced in his recent visit to the U.S.- Mexico border look to provide order to an overwhelmed community. This demonstrates a commitment to finding a pragmatic solution to address the influx of migrants crossing the border. There is a real and pressing need for additional resources to address the capacity of border communities like El Paso to deal with immediate humanitarian needs.

"Bussing parents and their babies to disparate destinations without any notice, coordination, or planning is not right, and it is inhumane. Gov. Abbott's actions continue to do nothing to solve the issue at the border and only hurt cities in Texas and across the country.

"Bussing some migrants from the border to other cities outside of Texas may provide some relief to the border in the short term and gain some political points, but it could work well against Texas and cities in Texas in the long run. No one knows what crisis may visit us around the corner where we may need the assistance of the federal government and other states and cities. It is important to remember the golden rule 'to treat others the way you want to be treated.'

Let's work together to solve this humanitarian crisis."