City of Houston Mayor's Office of Communications 

Mayor's Press Release

City Places Emergency Item on Council Agenda Following the Thursday, May 16 Windstorm / Derecho

May 20, 2024 -- Mayor John Whitmire has authorized the following emergency item on this week's Houston City Council agenda to extend the local state of disaster for last week’s derecho.

The Texas Open Meetings Act (see below) requires we notify certain members of the media of the emergency item.

Sec. 551.047. SPECIAL NOTICE TO NEWS MEDIA OF EMERGENCY MEETING OR EMERGENCY ADDITION TO AGENDA. (a) The presiding officer of a governmental body, or the member of a governmental body who calls an emergency meeting of the governmental body or adds an emergency item to the agenda of a meeting of the governmental body, shall notify the news media of the emergency meeting or emergency item as required by this section.
(b) The presiding officer or member is required to notify only those members of the news media that have previously:
(1) filed at the headquarters of the governmental body a request containing all pertinent information for the special notice; and
(2) agreed to reimburse the governmental body for the cost of providing the special notice.
(c) The presiding officer or member shall give the notice by telephone, facsimile transmission, or electronic mail at least one hour before the meeting is convened.