Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Issues Statement Supporting President Biden's Plan for Clean Energy

August 5, 2021 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner issued the following statement Thursday after President Biden's remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the future of clean energy:

“President Biden’s Climate Agenda is a much needed step in the right direction. Many of the initiatives in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework are reflected locally in our Climate Action Plan and Resilient Houston strategy, and this plan puts the money where his mouth is.

"As the BIF will deliver thousands of electric school buses nationwide, Houston METRO has committed to purchasing electric buses, and the City of Houston is working diligently to electrify our municipal fleet, as well. That means less tailpipe exhaust and particulate matter in the air we breathe. Reducing emissions on our streets is essential to improving the quality of life in our most vulnerable communities. I look forward to working with our federal partners to lead the way to a more sustainable future.”