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Housing and Community Development Department

SAY YES to quality Homes for all Incomes, In all Areas!

Long known as one of the country’s most affordable places to live, Houston is now seeing the price of homes escalate at five times the rate of income growth. Entry level professionals like teachers, medical workers and police officers who work within the central city are finding fewer options for living near their work. Additionally, low- and moderate-income families with established roots in the inner city are being pushed out by rising property taxes as gentrification pushes through.

To increase awareness of the need for affordable home development in Houston, the Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) has launched an outreach campaign entitled “Can I Be Your Neighbor?”. The campaign aims to create a well-informed community discourse through targeted educational presentations and informational materials. “Can I Be Your Neighbor” is intended to decrease misconceptions and opposition to affordable home development and promote quality homes for all incomes in all areas of Houston.

Houston Is GrowingHousing Costs Outpacing IncomeLow Income Population is Growing FastestWhere You Live Matters

Download a copy of our Say Yes campaign overview flyer. (English, Español)


"Can I Be Your Neighbor" Campaign

To put a face to the issue of affordable homes in Houston, flyers were created for the "Can I Be Your Neighbor" campaign. To view or download the full flyer, click on one of the images below.

Can I Be Your Neighbor - Fire Fighter Can I Be Your Neighbor - Education Can I Be Your Neighbor - Nurse  Can I Be Your Neighbor - Barista Can I Be Your Neighbor - 911 Dispatcher Can I Be Your Neighbor - Veteran



Fight Discrimination:

  • Learn more about fair housing, including your rights as tenants and responsibilities as a landlord, by calling our Fair Housing Office Hotline at 832.394.6240 or visit our Fair Housing website link.
  • Share your knowledge with others.
  • File a complaint if you encounter housing discrimination.

Support Affordable Home Development:

  • Advocate for relevant projects at public meetings or by contacting your council member.
  • Work with the public sector to address fair housing impediments.

To host an HCDD presentation about affordable home development for your group or neighborhood association, call 832.392.6201.



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