Fair Housing Training Landlords

The Housing and Community Development Department (HCD) hosted an online training for landlords and property managers to address questions and concerns around housing provider’s responsibilities under local and federal fair housing laws.

This free virtual workshop covered:

  • Best practices for advertising, screening tenants, and property rules and policies
  • Tips to avoid discriminatory behavior and fair housing complaints
  • Landlord rights and responsibilities
  • Explanation of assistance animals and reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities
  • Overview of familial status discrimination or discrimination against families with children and more!

The workshop took place on April 5 and 28, 2022. Subscribe to our mailing list for information about our future workshops.

Amanda Powell

Special Guest

Howard Bookstaff

Hoover Slovacek LLP
and General Counsel
Houston Apartment Association

Amanda Powell

Special Guest

Amanda Powell

Staff Attorney
Lone Star Legal Aid

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act protects individuals and families from discrimination in the sale, rental, financing or advertising of housing based on their race, color, religion, family status, national origin, sex, or disability.

HCD is committed to promoting fair housing and providing quality affordable homes in all neighborhoods. To learn more, please visit our Fair Housing page. For specific questions or concerns about fair housing or landlord/tenant relations, please contact Yolanda Guess-Jeffries at (832) 394-6200 (option 5).

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