Houston Fire Department

Texting Distracts. Watch The Road!

On average, the Houston Fire Department responds to more than 30 thousand vehicle related accidents, transporting more than 8 thousand individuals to the hospital every year. Statistics indicate that distracted driving contributes to as much as 20 percent of all fatal crashes and that cell phone use is the main culprit.

According to a recent study by the Texas Transportation Institute – Center for Transportation Safety, texting doubles a driver’s reaction time and reports that these drivers were more than 11 times likely to miss a flashing light while texting. The results of an accident from a distracted driver can have a lifetime of consequences.

State Farm Insurance statistics also indicate that drivers who text have a greater chance of getting into an accident. Drivers who text and drive are six times more likely to get into an accident than drivers who refrain from texting while driving.

This year, the Houston Fire Department in partnership with KHOU 11 and State Farm have committed to helping our kids understand the important of avoiding distractions while driving with a series of Public Service Annoucements (see links below).

Texting Distracts HFD Billboard English