Houston Fire Department

Flood Response Equipment

Flood Response Equipment

The City of Houston is subject to flooding that may result in casualties and/or damage to property. The most frequent flood hazard in Houston is flash flooding. Riverine flooding and dam/levee failure are possible but considered less likely due to adequate maintenance practices. The most common flash flooding service demand is stranded motorist resulting from street-level flooding.

Major investment in the high-water response program has been made since Hurricane Harvey to address the Houston Fire Department’s need of flood response equipment, assets and trained personnel.

Funding Allocation:
From FY18 through FY19, approximately $2.3M has been invested into development and improvement of the High-Water Rescue and Response program.

Grants and Donations:

  • Evacuation Boats - $196,000
  • Rescue Boats - $78,000
  • High Water Vehicles - $319,012

General Fund Allocations:

  • Evacuation Boats - $132,000
  • Rescue Boats - $52,000
  • High Water Vehicles - $398,765
  • Wave Runners - $39,000
  • Prime Movers - $800,000

Training: Established and 80-member Water Strike Team

  • Basic Flood Water and Evacuation Boat Training
  • Swift Water Ops/Technician Rescue Boat Training
  • High-Water Vehicle Operation Training
  • Personnel Equipment and Tools
  • Total investment - $320,000