Houston Fire Department

SAFE Congregation and SAFE Community

An Outreach Ministry of the Houston Fire Department
Many of us have been working diligently to prevent fires in homes and places of worship. The Houston Fire Department wants to help the members of your congregation  prevent fire related deaths and injuries where ever they occur. We are especially concerned about fire safety in the home because that is where people are most at risk.

Your church can become an active participant in fire prevention.  Working together, we can teach fire prevention, create a safer environment and a more tightly knit congregation.

We can contribute to your larger efforts to build a safer congregation and safer communities.  We will do our part by offering the necessary resources that can help you in this effort.

Church Covenant with Fire Safety Program
Each church leader can make a difference in the lives of their congregation and the community by teaming up with the Houston Fire Department Community Relations Division by providing the following:

  • Identify key leaders who would be assigned to receive training on fire safety, smoke detector installation and location.
  • Initiate a Smoke Detector Donor campaign in your church.
  • Invite other local pastors or church leaders to your church to receive training and information about the fire safety program.

By working together, we will help make our congregations and communities safer places to live and worship.