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City of Houston Confirms New Houston Music Advisory Board Members

December 8, 2023 -- The City Council approved the appointment of new board members for the Houston Music Advisory Board (HMAB). Following an ordinance last year that permanently established the advisory board, the HMAB serves as a liaison between the music community and the City of Houston and helps foster the economic development of local musicians and the music industry. The board is made up of nine (9) active members who represent the diversity, interest, and expertise of Houston’s music community to continue this work.

“The work the inaugural music advisory board has begun with The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in the last year to support our local music community is groundbreaking,” said The Mayor. “The focus on music preservation, education, and collaboration this year has yielded interest in preserving music landmarks, encouraging cultural documentation, and inspiring mentorships. With the addition of four new board members and three reappointed members, I look forward to the continued support and advocacy for Houston’s dynamic music industry.”

Music Advisory Board Members

Pictured: Houston Music Advisory Board members Dria Thornton, Jason Kane, Michael Moore, Henry Guidry, and Marissa Saenz and MOCA’s Music + Cultural Tourism Officer Gracie Chavez. Photo by Victor Ancheta.

City Council approved the following music industry stakeholders to the HMAB, Wednesday, December 6th.

  • Dria Thornton, Dria LLC
  • Marissa Saenz, Rukaz Kultura (Alternate)
  • Michael Moore, SLFEMP (Alternate)


  • Chair: Jason Woods (Flash Gordon Parks), Mo Better Brews
  • Vice-Chair: Mark Austin, Houston Music Foundation
  • Interim Secretary: Tracy DeJarnett, SongFest (Reappointed)
  • Interim Treasurer: Ericka De Leon, Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market, Bgirl City


  • Anna Garza, Girls Rock Camp Houston (Reappointed)
  • Henry Guidry, SwishaHouse (Reappointed)
  • Jagi Kaital, White Oak Music Hall
  • Jason Kane, Houston Rodeo (Reappointed)
  • Lupe Olivares (Alternate)

While many Houston musicians are known worldwide, the local music scene is the foundation of the City’s musical roots.

The HMAB holds regular public meetings with the music community to discuss key issues in advancing the local music industry.

The HMAB goals include the following:

  • Present top challenges and/or opportunities based on music community feedback
  • Develop policy recommendations in support of musicians and the music industry; and
  • Encourage registration in the Houston Music Directory

2023 Houston Music Preservation
Shortly after the board was established, The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) began working with board members to actively engage with the community to provide more support for the music industry.

Based on music community feedback from the Fall of 2022, three (3) topics were designated by the inaugural Houston Music Advisory Board (HMAB) as areas of focus this year: music education, collaboration, and historical preservation.

A series of panel discussions was developed by Music + Cultural Tourism Officer Gracie Chavez that included designated topics for 2023 to address the history and preservation of Houston music culture. This three-part series incorporated education and collaboration into the preservation theme with discussions around preserving music landmarks, encouraging more recordings and documentation, and inspiring mentorships between generations of musicians.

Each discussion was recorded live and is available on the Houston Music Board website and the Donnie Houston YouTube channel.

The impact of this year’s series of discussions on Houston Music Preservation came later in October as the Music Board hosted another Listening Session with the music community to hear their feedback about the activations this year in real-time.

For more information about the Houston Music Advisory Board and other music initiatives, please contact Gracie Chavez, Music & Cultural Tourism Officer, at 832.394.0627 or

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