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New Mini Murals By New Artists Coming to Houston Neighborhoods

January 22, 2018 -- The city of Houston has selected 45 new artists to greatly expand the number of those eclectic and colorful “mini-murals” on street-side traffic signal control cabinets.

Look for 40 new murals to grace neighborhoods such as Central Southwest, East End, Heights, Montrose and the Complete Communities pilot neighborhoods of Acres Home, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward and Third Ward.

“Mini-murals are a fun and creative method the City is using to add more art to Houston’s many thriving communities,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner. “This program showcases our artists, reflects our history and creates opportunities to enjoy creative expression in places people pass by every day.”

The city and UP Art Studio, the contractor that manages the mini-mural program, encouraged artists in June to submit qualifications for the opportunity to create the murals.

A panel of art experts, community stakeholders, artists and City representatives was selected to review all 551 submissions.  The panelists included:

Radu Barbuceanu – City of Houston, Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs
Marcus Gurske – UP Art Studio Advisory Board, Public Relations
Lovie Olivia – Houston-area artist
Noah Quiles – Managing partner of UP Art Studio
Alanna Reed – City of Houston, Department of Public Works
Terry Suprean – Houston-area artist
Lisa Volpe –Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

“It was amazing to see the astounding number of artists that applied for the Mini Murals open call,” said Elia Quiles, managing partner of UP Art Studio.

“I was impressed by the creativity of our Houston-area artists,” said Lisa Volpe, Curator of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. “I’ve seen some of the Mini Murals around town, but being part of this panel has opened my eyes to how vital this neighborhood mural program really is for communities and I’m happy to have been a part of it.”

The 45 new artists 

  • Chris Alexander
  • Daniela Arce
  • Marjon Aucoin & Dandee Warhol
  • Ricardo Barreiro
  • Charlotte Blanford
  • Armando Castelan
  • Juliette Cheney
  • Pamela Contreras
  • Jesse de Leon
  • Mark Deleon
  • Brian Dibala
  • Vincent Fink
  • Flix Flix
  • Jeromy Flores
  • Jon Garner
  • James Glassman
  • Carlos Hambre
  • Christina Higgins
  • Doug Hiser
  • Michelle Huang
  • Mathieu JN Baptiste
  • Jack Karonika
  • Reuben Levi
  • Austin Linkinhoker
  • Renata Lucia
  • Pasha Luminus
  • Katherine Mason
  • Joy Matheson
  • Jonathan Muzacz
  • Jessica Padilla
  • Phillip Pyle II
  • Kealy Racca
  • Patti Richardson
  • Pedro Rodarte
  • Israel Rodriguez
  • Alexander Rosero
  • Aimee Sanchez
  • Ignacio Sanchez
  • Andrew
  • Scott Tarbox
  • Matt Tumlinson
  • Jason Williams
  • Temptest Williams
  • Cory Willingham
  • Bree Wristers

Current Mini Murals Artists 

  • Adam Socie "Pilot FX"
  • Alex Arzu
  • Anat Ronen
  • Bret Nix
  • Denial (Canada)
  • El Pez (Colombia)
  • Gabriel Prusmack
  • Gelson Lemus "w3r3on3"
  • Janavi Folmsbee
  • Jay Mack “Muzik” (NJ)
  • Jessica Guerra
  • Jessica Rice
  • Jose Arredondo "Meenr"
  • Mez Data
  • Renee Viktor
  • Roger Seward
  • Shelbi Nicole

Funding for this program comes from Mayor Sylvester Turner and Council District Service Fund allocations from City Council Districts B, C, H, I and K as well as through private sponsorship.

For more information about the City’s cultural programs go to and follow the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs on Facebook @HoustonMOCA

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