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City Adopts New Arts and Culture Plan

October 14, 2015 -- Houston City Council has adopted a new Arts and Cultural Plan for the City. The Plan creates a framework to connect more residents and visitors to the city’s rich cultural assets.  It will improve coordination between departments and agencies and increase understanding about the impact of the City’s arts and cultural investments.

“With this plan, Houston joins other leading U.S. cities in recognizing the important benefits of the arts and cultural life to residents, to civic identity and to a strong economy,” said Mayor Parker.  “There has been a lot of public dialogue during the planning process —and we heard loud and clear Houstonians want more access to the arts. Co-Chairs Philamena Baird and Rick Lowe have done a wonderful job leading the large and diverse Community Advisory Committee and I greatly appreciate all of the volunteer time contributed to this important effort.”

Houston has tremendous arts and cultural assets and each year the City of Houston makes important investments in these resources for the benefit of its 2.2 million residents and nearly 15 million annual visitors. With the city expected to grow by more than one million people over the next 20 years, the Arts and Cultural Plan embraces change and reflects the evolving role of culture in the community.

“The arts help build healthy and prosperous communities,” said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “I commend the leadership of Mayor Parker and Houston’s City Council in advancing an Arts and Cultural Plan that embraces the city’s growth and change and positions the arts as a strategic opportunity for Houston’s continued success.”

The Arts and Cultural Plan identifies community concerns, sets a vision for the future and recommends actions to achieve long-term priorities.

“It is very rewarding to bring forward a plan that includes the entire community,” said Minnette Boesel, Mayor’s Assistant for Cultural Affairs. “This is an ambitious plan and its strength is that it acknowledges what the City is doing well and where it can improve so more people can fully benefit from Houston’s arts and cultural vitality.”
The City of Houston Arts and Cultural Plan has three priorities: Promote engagement in quality arts and cultural programming, Enhance the support system for the city’s deep cultural assets, and Advance strategies to strengthen the local creative economy.

The Plan includes 27 recommendations to advance the City’s long-term priorities and identifies cultural indicators the City can monitor to assess change and progress over time.

More information about the Arts and Cultural Plan can be found here: