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Office of Veterans Affairs


The City of Houston Office of Veterans Affairs’ mission is to assist Houston in becoming the best city in the nation through unparalleled service to our serving military, veterans, and their families.


Assist veterans of the United States Armed Forces to ensure that neither they, their dependents, nor survivors are denied access to the entitlements promised them by a grateful nation.





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Why is Houston such a great place for veterans to live?


  1. Jobs: Houston has a robust economy and companies are looking to hire veterans. The Oil and Gas Industry, the Port of Houston, the Medical Center, IT firms, Auto Sales and Maintenance, Construction, Banking, the Service Industries, Real Estate and the list goes on. Houston is growing and we are looking to hire veterans. Click on the employment logo for more info.
  2. Housing: The American Dream of owning a home can easily be realized in the Houston Area. This dream come true can be realized in both NEW and resale homes at affordable prices. Houston has historically had one of the stronger metropolitan markets in the country, mainly due to lower homes prices. Check out and compare to see for yourself.
  3. Health Care: A Veterans Affairs Regional Hospital with additional clinics in the local area, Tri-Care providers, US Family Health Plan, a world renown Medical Center (that has veteran hiring programs), Private and Public hospitals and clinics galore.
  4. Entertainment/Restaurants: Houston, like the military, is a demographic melting pot of diverse cultures and people. So are our food and our entertainment. If you like to eat it…it’s here. Check out this site: to see what I am talking about.
  5. Patriotism and love of our veterans: We get it. Houston is the second largest provider city for the all volunteer military in America. Over 300,000 veterans call the Greater Houston Area home. We veterans reach out and take care of each other and our community embraces us. And we have lots of connecting services. Just click on the directory in the left hand column to get an idea. Do an internet search of the words “Houston & Veteran” and see what all pops up.

3 Reasons Why Companies Don't Hire Veterans


The powerful U.S. Chamber of Commerce is backing a Hiring Our Heroes initiative that holds job fairs and workshops for military veterans. J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) is leading a veterans hiring effort with 10 other companies dubbed the 100,000 Jobs Mission. Against this backdrop, why does the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans continue to outpace the general unemployment rate by several percentage points? Most recently, it hit 10%, as compared with 6.8% among non-veterans, for the month of October.




Veterans Gain Advantage When Seeking City Work


In today's battle for jobs, one group of people now has an advantage when applying for work with the city of Houston — military veterans. City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to support an executive order by Mayor Annise Parker that gives hiring preference to veterans. "All things being equal, if you have a veteran and a non-veteran, you hire the veteran," said Parker, who signed the order on Veterans Day.





Returning Veterans Initiative


Since June of 2007, when Harris County and the City of Houston joined together to launch the Returning Veteran Initiative (RVI) in an effort to ease the transition home for the thousands of veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq returning to the Greater Houston Area services have consistently improved for our returning heroes.



Resource Seminar


The City of Houston Office of Veterans Affairs (COHOVA) has developed an effective transition assistance program in partnership with the Department of Veteran Affairs, the Texas Veteran Commission, and the Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA) called Houston’s Veteran Resource Connection Day. We team up with the various local non-profit, governmental, and for-profit organizations to better serve our soon to separate, newly separated, and at-risk veteran population.


The Veteran Resource Connection Day (VRC) is replacing the TAP seminar; the goal of VRC day is to give members of our active, reserve, guard, separated veterans, and their families’ information on their state and federal benefits, employment and education opportunities.





About the Director


Mayor Annise Parker and the City of Houston Office of Veterans Affairs (COHOVA) announce the selection of Carl Salazar as the new COHOVA Director. Mr. Salazar is committed to ensuring that Houston remains a leader in providing assistance to transitioning service members and their families by helping veterans gain employment, supporting their mental health needs and ending veteran homelessness.




Contact the COHOVA


Contact: Carl Salazar

Office of Veterans Affairs

901 Bagby, 4th Floor

Houston, TX 77002

PHONE: 832.393.0992


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TweetMyJobs Houston!


Tweet My Jobs Houston


TweetMyJobs Houston! Helps Veterans Find Jobs and Makes it Easy for Businesses to Target Veterans

TweetMyJobs Houston! offers a tool specifically for our nation’s Veterans and businesses with veteran-targeted job opportunities. This tool is the same tool engaged by the White House in their initiatives to provide new resources to Veterans as they seek to transition into the private sector.




Navigating the Road to Services for Returning Veterans


Veterans Services Guide


Navigating the Road to Services for Returning Veterans (.pdf)



A comprehensive 60-page resource guide from the Returning Veteran's Initiative of Houston and Harris County that outlines FREE resources and services for active duty, Reserve, National Guard, returning veterans and their families in the Houston area.


Resource Directory for Veterans Facing Homelessness in Houston


Homeless Vets Directory


For Veterans Facing Homelessness In Houston (.pdf)



A new directory to assist the homeless veterans in assessing the resources available to them in our city has been published by the City of Houston Office of Veterans Affairs in collaboration with community partners.




Post 9/11 Veterans Survey


The purpose of this survey is to perform an assessment on whether or not the needs of the Veterans in the greater Houston area are met. In addition, the information you provide will assist in identifying areas where services may be limited or lacking.


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Calendar of Events


Calendar of Events


The COHOVA has partnered with the Houston Military Affairs Committee to provide a comprehensive calendar of all local military and veteran events in the Houston area.


View the Full Calendar