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Plans & Programs

OEM prepares Houston by developing programs and plans ahead of a disaster.

Emergency Management Plan

The City of Houston Emergency Management Plan provides strategic guidance for City departments in the event of an emergency. The plan, which consists of a Basic Plan and functional annexes is evaluated every 5 years on a rotating schedule.

  • Basic Plan
  • Annex A - Warning
  • Annex B - Communications
  • Annex C - Shelter & Mass Care
  • Annex D - Radiological Protection
  • Annex E - Evacuation
  • Annex F - Firefighting
  • Annex G - Law Enforcement
  • Annex H - Health & Medical Services
  • Annex I - Public Information
  • Annex J - Recovery
  • Annex L - Utilities
  • Annex M - Resource Management
  • Annex N - Direction & Control
  • Annex O - Human Services
  • Annex P - Hazard Mitigation
  • Annex Q - Hazardous Materials & Oil Spill Response
  • Annex R - Search & Rescue
  • Annex S - Transportation
  • Annex T - Donations Management
  • Annex U - Legal
  • Annex V - Terrorist Incident Response
  • Annex W - Debris Management
  • Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

    OEM also maintains the City's Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, which helps drive strategies for minimizing the impact of natural hazards, such as wildfires and flooding in our area. This plan is updated every 5 years.


    Operational Plans

    Additionally, OEM maintains a variety of operational plans that help drive how Houston responds to different , situations, including hazard-specific plans, such as the Hurricane Response & Recovery Plan, and functions, such as the Emergency Public Information Plan.