Office of Business Opportunity

Interagency Mentor Protege Program Application

Interagency Mentor Protégé Program
This application is used to request approval from the City of Houston, Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO), Port Houston, Houston Independent School District (HISD), Houston Community College (HCC), and Houston First to participate as a PROTÉGÉ. A complete Mentor Protégé application is required by the company’s majority owner(s) or an authorized representative.

Please respond to each item on the application. If an item is not applicable, enter “N/A” as your response. Incomplete applications may void or delay your request for approval to participate in the City of Houston, Port Houston, HISD, METRO, HCC, and Houston First Corporation Interagency Mentor Protégé program.

Participating Agencies

Office of Business Opportunity METRO

Houston Independent School District Port Houston

Houston Community College Houston First

1. I can commit to the IMPP nine workshops every Tuesday between May & June 2018.

2. Business Name: Provide your business name and if applicable DBA (Doing Business As) name.

3. Number of years in business:

4. Annual Business Revenue Average for the Past Three Years.

Under $150K ... $150 to $750K ... $750K to $2MM ... $2MM to $4MM

5. Current number of employees:

6. Current Certification (Check all that apply):

MBE ... WBE ... DBE ... HMSDC ... WBEA ... HUB ... HCC ... SBE City ... SBE METRO ...

7. Business Address Information: Provide your physical address.

Physical Address:

City: State: ZIP:

8. Business Phone: Alternative Phone:

Business Owner:

9. Internet Web Page / URL Address:

10. Email address:

11. Business Structure – Check ONE box that identifies your business structure. :

12. Business Category Description, Principle Line of Business Description

12a. Business Category Description (Select ONE box that best identifies the services provided by your business and is the primary source of gross receipts for your business).

Architectural & Engineering Products and Services
Automotive and Transportation
Business Services and Support
Construction Services and Equipment
Energy & Utilities / Environmental Services & Equipment
Facilities & Securities Products & Services (Janitorial / Securities / HVAC)
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Products & Services
Industry Manufacturing & Equipment
Legal, Financial & Insurance & Real Estate Services
Retail, Wholesale & Warehousing
Technology & Telecommunications
Concessions & Food Products Service
Other Services

12b. Principal Line of Business – Please provide a brief description of the products and/or services provided by your business

13. Does your company currently have any contracts/subcontracts with one of the sponsoring agencies within the past 5 years? (Check all that apply):
City of Houston ... Port Houston ... METRO ... HISD ... HCC ... Houston First ... None

14. Please describe your company’s goal(s) in becoming a Protégé through IMPP.

15. Areas of Expertise - Check all boxes that indicate areas in which your business is seeking assistance in as a Protégé (if applicable).
Bidding ... Contract Compliance ... Bonding and Insurance ... Business Planning ... Cost Estimating ... Personnel Management ... Bookkeeping / Accounting ... Business Presentation Skills ... Business Marketing Plans ... Operations Budgeting ... Other (please describe below) ...

Describe Other:

16. I acknowledge that IMPP participants are required to attend the mandatory “Kick-Off” session on May 1, 2018. Yes ... No

17. I acknowledge and understand that participation in the City of Houston, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Port of Houston Authority, Houston Independent School District, Houston Community College, and Houston First Interagency Mentor Protégé Program is voluntary and my participation is neither a guarantee of a contract opportunity nor a promise of business by the mentor or agencies. I also understand that the Program's intent is to foster positive long-term business relationships and growth my signature below records my agreement to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Mentor Protégé relationship in accordance with the goals and directives of the Interagency Mentor Protégé Program. I, the undersigned, on behalf of the business participating in the Interagency Mentor Protégé Program, agree that the business and all of its employees, officials, and agents shall conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the highest business ethics and appropriate business conduct. I also understand that all information provided on this application is open to public disclosure, and may be used for public viewing to aid the Mentors, Protégés, and other interested parties in fostering business relationships and growth. Yes ... No