Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor's Statement On End of Federal Government's Separation of Migrant Children from Parents at the Border

June 20, 2018 -- The following is Mayor Sylvester Turner's statement on the end of the federal government's practice of separating migrant children from parents at the U.S. border:

"Keeping families together is consistent with who we are as Americans. I appreciate the presidential executive order that does so. I also appreciate the Americans from all walks of life and political persuasions who, like me, said that in our country, we do not separate children from their families. The fact that our voices were heard is a reminder that in the United States of America, we are the government and the government works for us.

“I will continue to take actions to protect children and all other residents of Houston as challenges to their safety arise.

“I urge Congress to adopt comprehensive immigration reform that emulates the character of Houston. We are an inclusive city where we build relationships and bridges rather than walls. Our unique strength among American cities is the fact that one in every four Houstonians was born in another country. Our pluralistic character makes us an inclusive city that celebrates differences and commonalities among peoples, and allows us to strive as one for a secure, peaceful, high quality of life.”