Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner's Statement on Councilman Green's Cause of Death Report

March 30, 2018 -- “Larry Green served honorably as a Houston city councilman. He fought to improve the community and open the doors of opportunity for people who shared his vision for equality, economic opportunity and safe neighborhoods.

"The autopsy results do not diminish the great work he did for the people of District K. However, it does remind us that our actions have consequences.

"I hope everyone will continue to celebrate his life instead of focusing on his death. I was not aware of any substance abuse issues Councilman Green may have struggled with in his personal life. At city hall, he was a leader and focused on serving his district.

"His death reminds us of the importance of checking on our loved ones, friends and colleagues.

"Councilman Green was a dedicated public servant who promoted economic development, planted trees, supported art and increased the number of projects throughout his district.

"That is how I will choose to remember him. More than anything, I ask people to continue to pray for his family, who must deal with his death every single day.”