Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner Creates Commission to End Gun Violence, Encourages Students During March for Our Lives Rally

March 24, 2018 -- Mayor Sylvester Turner marched in solidarity with thousands of young people earlier today who participated in the March for Our Lives Rally in Tranquility Park across from Houston city hall.

During the rally, Mayor Turner announced the creation of the Mayor’s Commission to End Gun Violence which will focus on researching and recommending solutions at a local level.

“Enough is enough. Make America safe again,” Mayor Turner said in his remarks to the crowd. “Let’s end the gun violence and get assault weapons out of the hands of people who do not need them.”

Young people across the country held similar events today to demand safer schools, an end to mass shootings and better gun control.

Organizers of the local March for Our Lives Rally invited Mayor Turner to participate during a conference call he had with student leaders several weeks ago. The mayor said he was inspired by the young people's movement and decided to create the commission to help support their platform.

"Students are not leaders for tomorrow, they are leading right now,” said the mayor as he spoke during the rally. “This is a defining moment for our city, our state, and our country. When I look out at the crowd and see what students have done in leading this rally, it gives us a great deal of hope.”

After the speeches ended, the mayor locked arms with students and marched in unison for several blocks in downtown Houston. The mayor said he left the event with a sense of optimism.

In the coming weeks, Mayor Turner will announce his appointees to the Commission on Gun Violence and release more details about the commission's goals.

Anti Gun Violence Rally Photo 2