Mayor's Office Press Release

Mayor Turner’s Statement on Texas ‘Permitless Carry’ Law

September 1, 2021 -- Please attribute the following statement to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

"House Bill 1927 is now law in Texas, allowing anyone who legally owns a gun to carry it in public without a permit or the training previously required for a permit.

“As Mayor of Houston, I am very concerned that the State of Texas loosened gun laws, especially during a time of increased gun violence. Many Texans prize their Second Amendment rights, but the Second Amendment does not provide for the right of reckless endangerment.

“According to Everytown for Gun Safety, handgun homicide rates increase 11% and violent crime increases 13-15% in states that weaken their permitting process. Under this bill, even a law-abiding citizen can become a danger. Someone who has literally no firearms training and has never even fired a gun could legally carry a gun. They could become a danger to themselves and others due to mishandling a deadly weapon.

“Not only are underserved and poor communities disproportionately impacted by an unrelenting spate of homicides and gun crimes, but law enforcement officials are less safe.

“With increasing gun crimes on the rise nationwide, adding more unregulated firearms in the population will not increase public safety. Law enforcement is clear on that.”

“This flawed new law will have a harmful impact inside our neighborhoods and on our streets. Unregulated guns aggravate our public safety problems.

“My administration seeks to increase public safety and build trust among Houstonians. That work will continue despite the harmful effects of HB 1927.

Houston’s Youth Violence Plan, spearheaded by the Houston Health Department, aims to address the root causes of violence and promote opportunities for prevention through evidence-based crime prevention solutions.

“I join the many Houstonians who are not happy with the elimination of gun permitting and the associated basic firearm safety training.”