Houston Health Department

BPCP Complaints

How to report and track a complaint
  • To report a complaint, call 3-1-1 or (713) 837-0311 or click the 311 logo or Email to: 311@houstontx.gov

  • Track Your Service Request through 311 with the service request number that will be provided to you.
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For a police, fire, medical, or other emergency, call 911 immediately

Types Of complaints

Please report any unusual odors, airborne particles, smoke or fumes, indoor air quality or smoking ordinance concerns, idling vehicles and spills or dumping of anything other than rainwater onto the ground or into the ditches, storm drains and bayous.

  • Outdoor Air Pollution (dust, odor, smoke, idling vehicle, droplets and other)
  • Dumping in Gully, Stream or Bayou
  • Other Complaints

Useful information when reporting complaints

  • Reporting environmental pollution information packet
  • Reportando contaminaci√≥n ambiental paquete informativo (Spanish)
  • Other Complaints
  • Reporting environmental violations - Click here and then click on violations

Examples of complaint sources

(Image on Left Side)Before: smoking flares for more than 6 minutes
(Image on Right Side)After: flares no longer produce smoke

Dust emissions from heavy vehicle and equipment traffic impacts nearby condominiums

Dust from concrete crushers and batch plants creates nuisance for communities

Fish kill

Runoff flowing into the stormwater drain

Runoff posing a threat to the stormwater drain

Improper storage of drums

Improper storage of waste and debris impacting neighbors