Houston Fire Department

Firefighters Information

The Houston Fire Department has just over 4,000 firefighters. These links may be of interest to these members, as well as the firefighter trainees and civilian members of the HFD and members of other fire departments.

Shifts - Currently, While assigned to fire stations Houston Fire Department Firefighters work in four different 24-hour shifts, A,B,C,D (6:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.) Read More >>>

What Your Family Should Know - This personal family and financial diary was planned with the specific intention of giving firefighters, who serve in a high-risk profession, the opportunity to organize their personal and financial business. Read More >>>

Health and Prevention - Did you know that your city insurance pays for you to have an annual physical examination? Read More >>>

Mental Health - The Houston Fire Department Critical Incident Stress Management Team provides peer based intervention and stress management education. Team members are trained to use critical incident stress management techniques as developed by The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Read More >>>

FORM 48 - Classified Member Form for Verification of Health Care Provider Visit for Non-Occupational Injury / Illness. Link to Form >>>