District G

Council Member Greg Travis

Council Member Greg Travis Greg Travis, a successful commercial litigation attorney, was elected to City Council District G on November 3, 2015.  Greg has shown that his prowess in the courtroom extends to the council chambers by his advocacy and arguments on behalf of his constituents. Greg not only follows through, he delivers -- for the City and the Westside.

Greg, a principled advocate, fiercely argues for issues and causes his constituents want, need and support.  In doing so, Greg shows that he possesses the unique qualities Houstonians deserve in a City Council Member - integrity, vision, leadership, and independence.  He is a conservative and bold thinker, a natural leader who delivers the solutions our city needs at every opportunity.  During his time on Council, Greg has won a number of awards for outstanding leadership, including, but not limited to the Executive Council’s Dan Hoyt Award for Outstanding Leadership and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2019 Public Leadership Award.

Greg believes that city government should serve as a sturdy but quiet force, empowering each of us to raise our families, perform our jobs, and enjoy our lives as we see fit.  He feels that city government and city services should be open and accessible to the entire community, that city services should be performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible, and that citizens should receive the greatest value for their tax dollars.  Greg firmly believes that a Houston City Council Member is first and foremost a public servant and must have respect for, and responsibility to, the citizens of Houston. Greg has held true to these commitments since he has been in office as shown by his actions, votes, transparency, and accessibility.

Greg is a long-time District G resident and property owner and maintains his law practice in the district. Greg has lived in Houston since his graduation in 1991 from the University of Texas School of Law, where he was Notes Editor for the Texas Law Review. Greg not only lives in the district, Greg is active within the district regularly attending and participating in Homeowner Association Meetings and monthly Super Neighborhood Meetings.  In addition, Greg is always available to meet constituents one on one.  He can often be found at neighborhood establishments where he is happy to discuss issues and concerns.

Greg is an accomplished attorney and has earned a reputation as an intelligent, diligent and creative advocate for his clients, never having lost a trial in over 28 years of practice.  Greg has put these qualities to work effectively representing the citizens of District G, as shown by his advocacy on various issues concerning drainage, street rehabilitations, and policing, among others. Prior to law school, Greg served as an officer in the United States Air Force where he piloted jet aircraft.
Greg holds undergraduate degrees from Westminster College in Business and Philosophy with a concentration in Economics. Greg understands budgets, financial statements, and fiscal reports and has used these skills to ensure that taxes do not rise as services are provided. His comments and input on the budget process have proven invaluable, bringing to light the inefficiencies of the city government.

Active in our community, Greg used his legal training and business acumen when he taught Business Law at Houston Community College. He has been a member of Justice for All, a group dedicated to criminal justice reform, served as its Membership Director and served on its Board of Directors alongside our current Governor, Greg Abbott.  Greg has served as an instructor and coach for Depelchin Children’s Center and volunteers for Chain Reaction Ministries which provides bicycles for those who need them. Greg also supports animal rescue groups having rescued a number of animals himself, several of which still live with him.  Greg is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church.

Greg is engaged to the lovely Ms. Julie Cumley.